Director's Statement

This is the story of a mourning, therefore about a revenant, a ghost story.
A young woman grieves as an actress composes her character or an insane lady in her delirium, passing from hallucination to incorporation, then the representation of this alienated body to regain her own.

She is named Laura, which makes me think of the film with the same name: Une histoire de revenante.

It also reminds me the fact that all of these films that take cinema seriously (even slightly) are, in one way or another, spiritualist operations.

"In cinema, the image is the irremediable absence of the represented body " (Barthes).
The paradox being that this absence produces a "more-than-presence".

Scripted evocations of beings temporarily or permanently out of the frame.
The endless turnstiles of the presence and the absence, the shown and the hidden, the visible and the invisible, the front and the background, these images are the common places more or less above filmmakers at the time of filming .
And also at the same time what is heard or not, what is said or not...

Sometimes scripts like this one immediately gather these perspectives into a single one, as by acceleration, and this is emotion.
A love lives and relives then survives, chance and destiny embrace and kiss.
The fortitude of a young woman slays death, and in cinema it’s a strenght of the body.
Thus, body and soul, her youth is a joy.

Benoit Jacquot